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How to update Nexiq firmware with John Deere SA

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When I was doing experiments with my Nexiq clone (also called Xtruck) and John Deere Service Advisor(JDSA)… Running the utility binload from the folder C:\Nexiq\Test. Set checkbox – Enable automatic USB-Link firmware upgrade and get firmware bin file. Save original bin with other name (for recovery). I copy the firmware bin from the program John Deere SA, rename as original Nexiq bin name and replace original – by that file. Next, again start utility binload from the folder C:\Nexiq\Test and have John Deere SA firmware in Nexiq. I have test connection with 2CAN pin and read engine serial but i don’t run program… I could not do normal work program… JDL adapter like Nexiq adapter… In Nexiq new driver have new firmware version I always update firmware and do not have problem… Credits to Dmitry in the MH community
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