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How to install john deere service advisor 4.2.005 on win 10 64bit

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How to install john deere service advisor 4.2.005 with the February 2016 data base disks on a machine with win 10 64bit. 1/you must have enough disk space to download the full set of February 2016 data base (52Gb); it comes with seven iso images and the SA4.0 image and a February 2015 update which you don’t need and of course the activator. 2/use an iso mounter software to mount the SA4.0 image to a virtual drive. 3/browse to the setup file in your virtual drive and run it as administrator follow the steps (it will prompt for a username and password use those of your windows user account if you’re under 7-8 or 10 windows version) it will take a while! don’t turn off the computer and don’t worry about the incompatibility messages that windows will show you during the installation process specially for the SQL 2005 server installation. 4/after completing the installation of the SA4.0 reboot the computer and set back the system time to mars 2016. 5/mount the first iso image of the data discs to a virtual drive, browse the sauce folder and run setup file as administrator; wait for it to complete the installation it will launch the SA 4.2.005 at this step you may have a message that the SA 4.2.005 is not capable of launching the search engine don’t worry close it and go to task manager (ctr+alt+sup) click on services and look for the LightweightIDOL service if it’s stopped than run it. 6/run the activator as administrator and activate the service advisor; don’t use the prolongation tool at this step!. 7/now go to the task manager again and look for the SAupdater
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