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Porsche PIWIS III Disable/enable hidden features for Porsche Macan

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Lots of small optional PCM features can be activated with Porsche PIWIS III. Obviously, these features must be installed by the factory – you can use PIWIS to see what installed but not activated. Porsche PIWIS III Disable enable hidden features for Porsche Macan-1 Here is a short list of such options: – navigation – logbook – voice control – sports chrono – satellite radio – USB – Bluetooth – Europe/NAmerica/SAmerica/Asia/MiddleEast/Russia/China/etc map – PCC – Telephone Activation is performed by entering 16 digit hex code into PIWIS, which is then sent to PCM ECU in a single UDS CAN message. This code is derived from VIN and feature you are trying to enable. Given that you can buy these codes easily from various online sites, it’s obvious that algorithm has been successfully reverse engineered You don’t need online connection for activation, but this is a common way for dealers to get the code. Example 1: Lower /reprogram Porsche Macan Air Suspension thru PIWIS 3 Basically the dealer or repair shop just needs to go into the air suspension control module with the PIWIS and add 20 millimeters to your current suspension settings input by the factory, you have to add to the number on the Macan to make the car go lower. They may try to subtract because this it how it works on the Cayenne and Panamera, but the Macan is different. Here is an example of what they would do, these numbers are arbitrary, so do not use them in your own car. Left Front original coding 414, they would add 20 to make it 434 Right Front original coding 416, they would add 20 to make it 436 Left Rear original coding 418, they would add 20 to make it 438 Right Rear original coding 414, they would add 20 to make it 434. This is basically the logic behind it and these numbers do not mean anything, so do not input them into the car, I have no idea what your factory settings are as each car may be slightly different, they are set at the factory based upon many different parameters. Also do this at your own risk, as I have no clue on how this will affect your warranty or the service life of the air suspension. In my opinion, the car actually would look better if you lower the front by 10mm more than the rear, because of the shape of the wheel arches, sometimes the Macan looks as if it is squatting in the back. Also 20mm is less than an inch and to be honest, it will not even look like you have lowered the car. Good to know: 1.PIWIS III / PIWIS II will allow you to drop your Macan and turn on and off various factory features. It won’t do a tune or change the algorithm that controls the valves if you still want them to respond to the buttons. To do that you have to hack the various controllers in the car, or the ECU. While this is standard practise in a lot of the hacker community on common GM, Ford and other ECUs, it is notoriously difficult to do for the Siemens SDI system in late model Porsches. 2.PIWIS II is replaced by PIWIS III,PIWIS III is more expensive than PIWIS II, but it can cover newer Porsche cars [Paramera (971) 2018, Caynenne (92A) 2018, Macan (95B) 2018, Macan (95B) 2018, 911 (991) 2018] and have more user-friendly features. https://blog.uobdii.com Posted by: Chasen at 02:27 AM | No Comments | Add Comment Post contains 567 words, total size 4 kb. March 16, 2020 How to Use Autel IM608 Generic OBD II Function? utel MaxiIM 608,A fast-access option for OBD II/EOBD vehicle diagnosis is available on the Vehicle Menu screen. This option presents a quick way to check for DTCs,isolate the cause of an illuminated malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), check monitor status prior to emissions certification testing, verify repairs, and perform a number of other services that are emissions-related. The OBD direct access option is also used for testing OBD II/EOBD compliant vehicles that are not included in the Diagnostics database. Functions of the diagnostics toolbar buttons at the top of the screen are the same as those available for specific vehicle diagnostics. Autel IM608 General Procedure To access the OBD II/EOBD diagnostics functions 1. Tap the Diagnostics application button from the MaxiIM Job Menu. The Vehicle Menu displays. 2. Tap the EOBD button. There are two options to establish communication with the vehicle. Auto Scan When this option is selected, the diagnostic tool will attempt to establish communications using each protocol to determine which protocol the vehicle is transmitting on. Protocol If this option is selected, the screen opens a submenu with different protocols. A communication protocol is a standardized way of data communication between an ECM and a diagnostic tool. Global OBD can use several different communication protocols. 3. Select a specific protocol under the Protocol option. Wait for the OBD II Diagnostic Menu to appear. NOTE Tapping the button displayed beside the function name opens a bubble with additional function information. Select a function option to continue. DTC & FFD I/M Readiness Live Data On-Board Monitor Component Test Vehicle Information Vehicle Status
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