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How to solve the problem that the verification code cannot be obtained when registering the SVCI ING Nissan software

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Recently, some customers gave feedbacks that they failed to register an account with SVCI ING V1.1 (BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic Software). When they entered the email to obtain the verification code, after some minutes, they still cannot receive the verification code. The error message appeared on the screen with “email address or Phone number is incorrect” or “Verification Code sent failure: The remote server denied the connection (the server did not accept the request)” as shown in the following pictures. Solution offered by autonumen.com engineer: There are some bugs with SVCI ING V1.1, please download the newest BACOHI Cloud Software- SVCI ING V1.3 to solve the problem. https://mega.nz/file/r6YH1SCD#0Fpvjq2oSSGhvwIQFA5N1aLC4DYnQWL5quaxSnS_2J4 No password, no risk! Size: 71.8MB O.S: Windows7/8/10 (network requirement: 3G above) Language: English, Japanese, Chinese For this newest software, you can connect SVCI ING Nissan diagnostic tool to computer via USB cable or Bluetooth for use. Note: one email can only bind one device in software. If there are multiple devices that need to unbind an old device from the software and then re-bind the new device.
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