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Fiat Marelli IMMO Not Precode by OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

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Here comes with customer feedback: OBDSTAR x300 dp plus is ok with Delphi FIAT, but for Marelli doesn’t cover all software version. It reads EEPROM ok, but after that said EEPROM verification error. Done with other programmer (zed full). Check the obdstar Fiat Marelli key precoding tips below: It works absolutely fine. Obdstar is flawless with fiat. User error due to bad keys we expect. You must use the correct remote or the buttons will do different things. There are Delphi remotes and Marelli remotes. Both are available aftermarket. You must use the correct remote or the buttons will do different things. If no buttons work then the key is 100% faulty. obdstar x300 dp plus full it works very well on psa Renault vag fiat. It’s the cheapest on market. obdstar it works for me everytime aftermarket or original remote. Chinese remotes/keys have a lot of problems with the Mareli Fiat. Doesn’t work with Keydiy or Xhorse keys either. Best is to buy 2nd hand original, change PCF and enjoy fully working key without any issues. Or use silca key. always silca key works really good quality. Slice key is 2/3 times price but works. So use original/slica keys for Fiat Marelli type and chinese key for delphi. OBDSTAR Fiat pre-coding and key programming list: Pre-Coding DELPHI 70F3237+93C86(ID46) DELPHI 70F3379+93C86(ID46) DELPHI 70F3632/70F3633(ID46) DELPHI 93C66(B)(ID48) MARELLI 70F3237+95160(ID48) MARELLI 70F3378+95160(ID46) MARELLI 70F3633+95320(ID46) MARELLI 70F3238+95320(ID48) MARELLI MB91465P+95640(ID46) MARELLI 9S12DG128 3K91D(ID48) MARELLI 9S12DG256 1K79X(ID48) MARELLI 9S12DG256 1K79X(ID46) SIEMENS/CONTINENTAL 9S12DG128(ID46) Program keys 124 SPYDER 2017- 500 500L 500X PROX ALBEA ALFA 147 ALFA GT BIPPER BOXER 2012- 2007-2012 BRAVO DAILY 2012- 2007-2012 DOBLO NEW DOBLO DUCATO 2012- 2007-2012 FIORINO FREEMONT GRANDE PUNTO GUILIETTA IDEA JUMPER 2012- 2007-2012 LINEA MAREA MITO NEMO PALIO PALIO RST PANDA PROMASTER CITY PROMASTER VAN PUNTO 1999-2005 SCUDO STILO
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