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Fly Nissan consult 3 plus feedback

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Fly Nissan consult 3 plus feedback: 1). Nissan consult 3 plus software car list: Cover cars up to 2016 year. Nissan,Infiniti,GTR: diagnostic OK, Immo & smart key OK Nissan GRT: diagnostic OK, Immo OK Electromobiles car: diagnostic OK, Immo OK (Require additonal Nissan consult 3 plus security card, Otherwise button “Immobilizer key” will be gray color and is unavailable to use.) 2). Nissan consult 3 plus software feedback: – 2010 Infiniti FX35…OK – For ECU programming, you do not need to buy other card. – Program tcm and bcm OK with the programming file found out by yourself. – Done lots of programming. He’s done several blank trans modules. I installed a used ecm in a 2012 Altima with smart key. – able to program a blank pathfinder tcm.2009, I do not have any cards, using version 51.11. – Got my Nissan VII and its working as expected. To be continued…
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