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2014 ALLDATA 10.53 + 2013 Mitchell OnDemand +AUTODATA 3.38

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Top 2 reasons to get 7 in 1 Auto Software: 1. It’s the with 7 important softwares in total:: Alldata10.53 2014———————[576GB] Mitchelle 2013——————–[117GB] Autodata3.38———————[1.33GB] Vivid 10.2 ——————————[3.25 GB] Bosch ESI 2013.1—————-[17.4GB] ELSA Win 4.0 ——————–[45.4GB] BMW ETK 08_2013 ————-[3.67GB] 2. All the softwares are in the 1000GB Mobile Hard Disk. 1.2014 ALLDATA 10.53 Full name ALLDATA 10.53 global automotive maintenance information inquiry system Language English software size 107G Year one quarter of 2014 Price Software Description ALLDATA, based on CD-ROM, as a top-notch auto repair information, is well knwn in the United States. According to the appraisal of professionals and experts of automotive industry in U.S.A. ALLDATA, with the fullest, latest contents is very convenient for operation. Uptill the year of 2014, with its sufficient contents, it is in no way comparable than other softrware issued in domestic. ALL DATA, with the high cost performance, sufficient data, faster updating, and excellent service, is the professional selection for the authorized repair shops with a certain level focusing on large high-grade imported cars. Other Mobile HDD 575GB 2.Mitchell 2013 Full name The first quarter of Mitchell vehicle maintenance database Language English software size 75G Year 2013 Price Software Description The accuracy of the details of Mitchell vehicle maintenance database, is consistent with the original maintenance manual (to some extent, it is more accurate than the original manual, because in the editing process many errors on the original maintenance manual were corrected), and maintains the unique style. It has the characteristics as follows: 1. With the richer and accurate content, it contains nearly 5,000 models of the maintenance data, since 1983 uptill today , from 51 automobile manufacturers of the United States, Europe, Asia and around the world. 2. A complete and unified circuitry in the database: each model has a 40-80 system circuitry, and the detailed description about each pin for each computer, every line of the definition and color in circuit diagram. Mitchell circuit is more convenient for reading, because it is a redrawn circuitry with 2-3 diagrams, after the nearly 10-diagram original system analysized. 3. With detailed and accurate location map of electrical components The database provides location of all the models of electrical components, besides text descriptions, also accompanied by diagrams, it is plain and easy to use. 4. Parts decomposition diagram and parameters For each type of car, Mitchell database, not only supplies a variety of dismantling and assembly installation steps in detail, but also a clear Parts decomposition diagram and accurate parameters for reference, which makes it more convenient and faster for car repair. 5. Technical Service Bulletin is the essence of Mitchell database. Car manufacturers have issued a large number of technical service bulletin every year, including a variety of the latest technology information, such as service technics, safety recall ing information, etc,. It is helpful for auto repair shop. Other Mobile HDD 120G 3.Autodata V3.38 Full name Autodata: Automotive Information Database Language English software size 1.43G Year 2011 Price Software Description In Europe, AutoData car information company is the most authoritative publisher of automotive technical manuals, maintenance information published deeply welcomed by the the world-wide maintenance technician AutoData plublished the technical data at first time in 1983 in the form of CD-ROM, which is able to update twice a year, and in each new version, many new elements have been increased. It is refreshing. This information include 15,000 kinds of car models of more than 80 auto manufacturers, from 1970 to 2008, including light commercial vehicles of medium trucks and sport utility vehicles. AutoData Repair information includes: 1. The basic parameters of vehicles 2. Emissions and adjustment parameters 3. Lubricating Oil and capacity 4. Ignition system parameters 5. Fuel System Parameters 6. Torque Specifications 7. Brake parameters of films and brake hub 8. Air-conditioning system parameters 9. Maintenance working hours 10. Wheel Alignment Parameters 11. Valve timing 12. Maintenance Chart 13. Maintenance interval indicator and key match 14. Failure to find yards 15. Engine Management System 16. Engine data on a computer terminal 17. Fault Tree 18. Airbags 19. Air Conditioning System 20.ABS 21. Element’s Position 22. Schematics Other vesions Auto Data in version 3.24 provides registration and installed version for 3 times 4.WorkShop Vivid 10.2 Full name WorkShop Vivid 10.2: Vehicle Maintenance Data Query System Language English software size 2.01G Year 2011 Price Software Description Vivid Workshop Data is more detailed than AUTODATA. WorkshopData ATI, based on Vivid’s technical database, is Europe’s most extensive compilation of automotive database. Professional version contains all the necessary maintenance and repair information, adjustment data, technical drawings, fuses and relays, fault code diagnostics and engine management data. With wiring diagram Airco system, it is very convenient for the relay qury. In some points, Workshop is better than Autodata. 5.ELSA 4.0 Full name Volkswagen Audi 4S shop repair service system ELSA 4.0 Language Chinese/English software size 22G Year 2011 price Software Description It is required about 20 GB or more hard disk space for completely installing a hard disk. The system contains a detailed maintenance bulletin, vector schematics, parts information, maintenance charts, disassembly decomposition maps. It also includes a rare technical secrets such as repair information of VW / Audi security keys matching, the third generation anti-theft system of principles and coding, airbag disassembly and matching! Basic maintenance information covering the year 1986-2008 and schematics covering the 1992-2006 years:including: Jetta \ Golf \ Bora \ Baltic \ Passat, etc. (with imported models) It is Audi original full set of Chinese interface. The system contains a detailed maintenance bulletin, schematics, parts information, maintenance charts, disassembly decomposition maps. It also includes a rare technical secrets such as repair information of VW / Audi security keys matching, the third generation anti-theft system of principles and CODING, airbag disassembly and matching. Basic maintenance information covering the year 1986-2009: Audi 100 \ A2 \ A4 \ A6 \ A8 \ TT \ Q7 \ A6L, etc. (including import models). Other Mobile HDD 120G 6.BOSCH ESI Full name Bosch Maintenance and Diagnostic System 2009.03 Language Chinese and English software size 25.8GB Year The third quarter of 2009 Price Software Description http://autodiagnostic.us/2021/03/03/2014-alldata-10-53-2013-mitchell-ondemand-autodata-3-38-audi-vw-elsa-4-0-bosch-esi-2013-1vivid-10-2-bmw-etk-2013-08-7-in-1-2/
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