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Xtool X100 PAD2 Pro with KC100 Key Programmer FAQs

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Xtool X100 Pad2 Pro full version adds VW 4th/5th generation immobilizer programming. It’s a professional key programmer for workshop with special functions. Here share the related FAQs and answers incl. key programming, mileage adjustment and common errors. Key programming: Q1: DoesXtool x100 pad2 pro support key programming for Renault clio4 and megane 3? And program code for Dacia sandero 2011? A1: It can support Clio 4 till year 2005 and megane 3 till year 2008. But Dacia sander is not covered. Q2: Is possible to use xtool x100 pad2 pro to program card key on Renault (capture, clio 4 and megane)? A2: It cannot support the new models after year 2009. You can try on the cars before 2009. Q3: Can x100 pad2 pro support key programming for 09 Audi A4 2.0t cabriolet convertible Quattro? A3: It depends on the IMMO generation. Q4: Can I program new key to 2005 Dodge Caravan by X100 PAD2 PRO? A4: Yes, the car model is covered. Q5: Does X100 PAD2 PRO support Toyota Aqua 2014 all keys lost? A5: Toyota Immobilization is covered. Select the key type based on your car. Q6: It prompted “program failure” when program key to Renault Duster 2013, is the car not supported by X100 PAD2 PRO? A6: Nissan car is supported, but you need to program from the key type option. 2.Mileage adjustment: Q1: Can I adjust mileage to higher or lower kilometer by x100 pad2 pro? A1: Yes. Q2: I have a 2012 landrover evoque, can I use xtool x100 pad2 pro to correct odometer on it? A2: Yes. You can select the “LANDROVER EVOQUE 2011-” option on the device.| 3.Error: Q1: There is something wrong with the battery of my x100 pad2 pro. The battery will run out at the same day after recharging. A1: You can return it to dealer to change new battery. Q2: After upgrade X-100 PAD2 PRO, all the VW function list appears in the menu of Bentley software, and i cannot use the bugatti diagnostic menu. A2: The function lists of VW, AUDI and Bentley are same. Just operate by selecting the corresponding function is ok. Q3: It shows “2004-2015 Failed to connect” when I program my chevy 2000 by x100 pad2 pro. Even if change the cable! A3: You’d better to check if the connection is normal, and make sure select correct car functionality. Your car year is 2000, but you select is 2004-2015, so it failed. Q4: When I use X100 PAD2 PRO tablet, it prompts “Not enough storage space is available!” as shown in the figure. A4: Please stop upgrading diagnostic vehicle software! The memory of X100 PAD2 PRO is limited, reduce or stop upgrading unnecessary diagnostic models. Q5: The X100 PAD2 Pro shuts down automatically after I boot and log in. A5: The tablet is locked, and it needs to remote flash the O.S system. To be continued…
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