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How to setup MB SD Connect C4 Xentry for Mercedes BUS diagnosis

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cars and trucks working ok, so i bet it’s working Xenry; but cannot do buses or other heavy equipment MB SD Connect C4 .I only have this problem with Buses –>”licence incorrect”. in Xentry this Licence Error Message (sorry, screenshot is in German; i have translated it into English). sdconnect-xentry-mercedes-bus-error Fahrzeug: CC400.121 HINWEISE Hinweis: Lizenz ist fehlerhaft (Vehicle type: CC400.121 HINTS Note: License is incorrect) The solution for me…. MB Star Diagnostic Tools DAS License.0 Fix download on Mega https://mega.nz/#!6ckAmDgQ!AbVNk4zFGtE38tCgdYPc_pXZDM3EbABeRoSmRl06Ww0 (BIG THANKS to DieTrih solution) with DAS.Standalone for Xentry.OpenShell.XDOS and DAS.Xentry (2017.12) DAS v7.7.0.1 Use it with old keys for DAS. MB Bus and Bharatbenz are working. Included: das32r2.exe (Usual file), das32r2_sl.exe (Standalone), lic.sli (Original file if needed). Don`t look on the file size, just packed executable. mustang’s review: (BIG THANLS) I confirm that DieTrih solution works perfect. I used windows xp and windows 7. all in 32 bits. xentry das versions from 2015.5 until 2017.12 everything is working fine…also in bus Cheers https://www.autonumen.com/goods-335-MB+SD+Connect+Compact+4+Star+Diagnosis+Tool+Plus+Dell+D630+Laptop+Latest+Version.html
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