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Professional BMW ICOM diagnostic tools with latest software 2015.8

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Professional BMW ICOM diagnostic tools Good news to say that we have the latest software for BMW ICOM now , and the new version is 2015.08 which can work for some 2015 new BMW vehicles . Some customers feedback to us that they dont know how to install the software for their own laptop , always have the problems when they are using it . Because there have some reuirements for the laptop or computer . For this situation we suggest that you can buy the BMW ICOM with the laptop together from us , so that we can install the software for you before we send the items to you . All the time our engineer will test it for you before we ship out the products . Then you can use it directly . Some laptops from us for your choose : 1. EVG7 Diagnostic Controller Tablet PC ( portable and more convenience to operate ) 2. Dell D630 Laptop (Most popular laptop from our customers ) 3. Lenovo E49 Laptop (Chinese brand of laptop) 4. DELL E6420 Laptop (Best quality and more stable for the software working ) By the way , if you know how to install the software for BMW ICOM , you dont need to buy our laptop , and we have the mobile HDD which can suitable for any PC . Our BMW ICOM software information as bellow : Software Version : 2015.08 ISTA/D (ISID /Diagnostic ) 3.50.10 ISTA/P (ISSS/Programming) VIN: 2015.08 Not connected 9000 days remaining Do you have any other request for auto diagnostic tools ? If so , please check on our official website , we will offer the best price for your request .
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