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FREE Activation for JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics

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FREE Activation for JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics 2019 v1 JPRO-Commercial-Vehicle-Diagnostics-1 JPRO-Commercial-Vehicle-Diagnostics-2 JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software Includes the following features: * General Features * JPRO Heavy-Duty Features * JPRO Medium-Duty Features * Education and Troubleshooting Features * Reporting Features * Integration Features * Configuration Features * Product Support Features * All Makes, All Models Coverage: JPRO-Commercial-Vehicle-Diagnostics-3 JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software with NextStep Includes all features in JPRO Professional Diagnostics Software. Also, includes the following features: * Integrates with Noregon’s NextStep NET. * View troubleshooting information, wiring diagrams and step-by-step repair procedures for a fault with one click in JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics. * Enhanced integration features from the troubleshooting repair view: * View fault related data while simultaneously viewing repair procedures. * Clear faults to verify the repair without leaving the NextStep screen. * Access Bi-Directional functionality directly from the troubleshooting repair view. * Works on vehicle without requiring a VIN. * Engines and Aftertreatment systems are currently supported. * Regular content updates to add more fault and component coverage. * Automatically link to troubleshooting guides for Wabco, Bendix and Haldex brakes as well as Eaton transmissions. * Supports heavy-duty and Ford medium-duty engine and aftertreatment faults. JPRO-Commercial-Vehicle-Diagnostics-4 Here the STEPS: 1. Install JPRO 2019 v1, download here: JproSetup2019v1 2. Run “HWID” as Administrator and get “hwid.dat” (DO NOT CLOSE). 3. Run “2K19.1_License_Builder.exe”, set “Expiration date”, and load “hwid.dat”, then click “Generate”. It will pull up the license to “license” folder: “jproCVD.dat” and “lic.dat” (CLOSE HWID). 4. Copy license files (“jproCVD.dat” and “lic.dat”) and paste in direction C:\ProgramData\Noregon\JPRO Fleets. 5. Run Software through shortcut on desktop “JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics”, then Close. 6. Run “Firewall Rules” as Administrator, and don’t connect to internet: “ jpro.noregon.com”. JPRO-Commercial-Vehicle-Diagnostics-5 Feel FREE to Contact Us, if you need to activate the “JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics” 2019 v1.
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