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Porsche Piwis II 18.100 download FREE + How to install

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Free download Porsche Piwis ii 18.5000 software: Tested version: this piwis ii 18.500 sw has been tested successfully with porsche piwis tester ii yanhua (china clone) confirmed to work perfect in diagnosis, coding and programming This Image is based on acronis image by kiranabc I made some modifications: Win XP tweaks (enable right click on taskbar, enabled win xp start menu etc) Win XP activated (no more 3 days left to activate errors) Windows XP fully updated from Windows Update Uninstalled all Panasonic drivers and other drivers not critical to the system (for making it into universal image) Made into universal image (can restore to VM or any laptop compatible with Windows XP) Deleted un-necessary files Uninstalled POSES and PET (to make download smaller, can re-install them if you wish – refer folder “Hardlock fix for installing PET and POSES”) changed adobe reader from German to English Updated WinRAR 100% defragmented image – the image will restore into a single contiguous portion Restored Size ~ 17.9 GB (this is excluding pagefile storage) NOTE: Even though the PIWIS version is shown as 18.150.500, this might only be a 18.100 as some PIWIS experts on this forum have debunked the existence of 18.150.500 and stated that in this image simply registry edited to display the version as 18.150.500 Installation overview: Boot the recovery CD (in the archive) Restore Image Install / restore drivers (if restoring to a VM, install guest additions) Perform Imprint Done All detailed step-by-step instructions are in the archive (in folder “README”). Theoretically this image should be able to restore and boot into any laptop which supports Windows XP (hopefully no BSOD on booting). Also you can restore it to a Virtual Machine My aim with this image was to create an PIWIS image that anyone can restore and use without any difficulty. This image might be more suited to someone restoring it to a laptop other than a Panasonic CF-30 as I have removed all the Panasonic drivers. You can restore it to a CF-30, just need to reinstall / restore all the drivers Easiest method to re-install drivers – In the laptop you are planning to restore the image -> If you are already running Win XP in that laptop, use software called “Double Driver” to backup all the drivers. After restoring the PIWIS image, restore the drivers – hardly take 5-10 min for complete driver restore and it’s all one-click operation. Installation on VMware: Restore to VM – here is how I usually do it: Create two virtual hard drives – lets say – VHD-A and VHD-B; VHD-A will be the main VHD of your VM into which you are restoring the image. VHD-B is just a temporary VHD to hold the image file for restore Copy the image file (.adi file) into VHD-B Attach both VHD-A and VHD-B to the VM In the VMs CD drive, mount the recovery disc iso Start the VM and boot into the recovery CD Follow the instructions given in the archive to restore the image After image finish restoring, turn off the VM and detach VHD-B and unmount the recovery disc iso from the VM Start the VM – after it finish initializing, install guest additions. Done – you can delete VHD-B from your system Piwis ii v18 questions and answers: Q: Can I ask, why is there 18 parts to this download? ive downloaded these 18 parts and each of the parts all seem to have disc images, which one is the PIWIS image to burn to disc. A: You need a laptop running windows xp OR if you have a decently powerful laptop (Windows 7 / 10 with at least 4GB RAM), you don’t need to buy an additional laptop – you can run this on virtual machine. Q: Has anyone test this image on Dell630, Dell6430 or Panasonic CF-D1? A: Theoretically it should work on any laptop which runs windows XP as I made the image a universal image which can restore to any laptop. I have 2 notebooks, IBM win xp and HP win 7. better XP native or better virtual machine? Native should perform better
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