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Lonsdor K518ISE Program Toyota Auris 2009 4D70 key

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Lonsdor K518ISE is good for vehicle locksmith to program keys. Here I’d like to share how to use K518ISE to program Toyota Auris 2009 4D70 key. Cost & Delivery: I spent 975 euro on K518ISE with free shipping at autonumen.com. All the goods kept well when I received. (so satisfied!) Now I want to share my experience on testing Lonsdor K518ISE. Here you go! Prepare: Car: Toyota Auris 2009 Device: Lonsdor K518ISE Others: Original and blank car keys/ 4D chip 70 Toyota 1.1 Main steps: Step 1: Generate key chip Step 2: Program key Step 3: Test new key Procedures: Step 1: Generate key chip Connect LONDSOR 518ISE to the vehicle via OBD Insert original key into LONDSOR 518ISE key programmer Enter LONDSOR 518ISE Menu Go to Special Function->Chip auto-ID-> Chip auto-ID-> Chip recognition 1.2 Downloading application… Put chip to be identified into K518 host slot and then click “OK” 1.3 Identifying chip… Lonsdor K518 detects the chip type: 4D chip 70 Toyota/ Lexus info 1.4 It prompt “Put chip to be identified into K518 host slot” Click “Cancel” to next step Return to LONDSOR 518 home page Click Special Function-> Generate key chip-> 4D chip-> Europe Toyota chip 70 1.5 Follow the prompt to put chip to be indentified into host slot, [OK] to continue. Note: Some chip data will be covered and locked up 1.6 Generating chip… But K518 failed! 1.7 Step 2: Program key So this time I try to program key from IMMO menu. Select Immobilization-> TOYOTA-> Select from type-> IMMO-> Type 2(4D 67/68) -> Add key (Because there is no Auris vehicle option, so I enter from type) 1.8 Note: A master key is required before deleting or adding other keys! How to identify a key is a master or a valet? Insert key into ignition switch, if security light isn’t bright, that is a master key; if security light goes on for 1 sec and then off, that is a valet. Click “OK” 1.9 1.10 And then insert the programmed original key and switch ignition on Click “OK” to continue 1.11 Switch ignition off and remove the key in 20 sec, and click “OK” Insert new key within 10 sec and keep ignition off 1.12 Programming the new key… 1.13 Program Toyota Auris key success 1.14 Step 3: Test new key Test the new key, work perfectly! 1.15 1.16 Job’s done.
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