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Autel MaxiSys Series Scanners Release Notes (September, October 2017)

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Below versions were released in September, including improved performance and bug fixes for Autel MaxiSys series products, Autel Maxidas MaxiSys 906/908/908 pro, MaxiSys CV, MD808/MX808/MaxiService/MaxiDiag Elite. Autel MaxiSys Series ²Asia uHonda (V4.40) Fixes an issue that reports generated from auto scanning are not fully displayed. Fixes bugs that caused failure in replacing PCM/TCM and adding a new key in Immobilizer GEN-III. Fixes bugs that caused errors in performing BSI function in BSM. Addes 36 functions for diesel engine and gasoline engine. ²American uFord (V7.13) Adds diagnostic support for models up to 2017. uChrysler (V7.60) Adds diagnostic support for models up to 2017. Autel MaxiSys pro 908 & 906 ²European: uVW (V10.00) (Maxisys908Pro) Optimizes on-line coding function for VW, Audi, SH-VW, FAW-VW, FAW-Audi, and adds support for the latest models in 2017. VW (V10.00) (Maxisys908, 906, 906S:) Improves on-line coding function for VW, SH-VW and FAW-VW, and adds support for the latest models in 2017. Asia BAIC (V5.00) Updates functions in Engine system, SRS, ABS, EPS and IMMO for Huansu S2/S3, Weiwang 205, 206 and T205. Adds support for Huansu S3L, S5, S6, H2, H3, H3F, H6, and Weiwang 205, 206 Korean, T205 Korean, covering Engine system, SRS, ABS, EPS and IMMO. GreatWall (V5.30) Optimizes Auto Scan that the name of ECU being scanned will be displayed in real time. Fixes bugs in Key Learn function in PEPS for H6_2013 model. Optimized DTC library for Engine system for H6-Coupe. uHyundai/KIA(V7.10) Adds support for basic and special functions for 2017 and some 2018 models, and for 2017/2018 Hyundai Kia American. America uGMUSA (V11.20) Fixes bugs in Program Key Fob function for 2000 GMC Truck Savana. Fixes bugs that caused communication failure in Chassis for 2002 GMC Truck Astro. Fixes bugs that caused faiure in performing Program Key Fobs for 2001 Chevrolet Malibu LS/ 2005 Cadillac Escalade. Fixes bugs that caused display errors in DTCs in Auto Scan function for 2007 Chevrolet Aveo LT. GM China (V8.10) Optimizes prompts for adaptive value learning function in Transmission for 2014 Cruze and 2011 GL8 Fixes bugs that caused errors in DTC definitions for 2011 GL8. Fixes bugs that caused failure in VIN Analysis for 2017 Cruze. MaxiSys CV Asia: Isuzu/ZF (V8.10) Adds Read ECU Information, Read Codes, Erase Codes and Live Data functions for EcoLife, Iveco-Eurotronic 2, Iveco-Intarder CAN and Iveco-Intarder KWP. Adds Active Test and Special functions ( including Self Adaption Gearbox System, Self Adaption Clutch, Parameter Setting, and Maintenance Information) for Tronic Lite, eTronic, ZF Ecomat 2/4, ZF EcoLife, AsTronic 1, AsTronic 2, AsTronic Mid, EST-32, EST-42/48, WSK EST41/61-WSK, and WSK EST41/61-WSK Daimler Chrysler, etc. American: Ford (V1.11) Adds diagnostic support for models in 2017. MD808/MX808/MaxiService/MaxiDiagElite American: Ford (V1.10) (MX808)Adds diagnostic support for models in 2017. Honda (V6.20, MaxiService/MaxiDiagElite OilReset) (V1.10, MD808 Oilreset) Adds Auto Service Reset, Auto Oil Reset, Manual Reset functions for all models. Release Notes (October) Below versions are to be developed in October, including improved performance and bug fixes for MaxiSys series products, MaxiSys 906/908/908 pro, and MaxiSys CV. Autel MaxiSys Series Asia Nissan/Infiniti (V5.60) Adds support for 2018 models, such as 370Z, ARMADA, VERSA Sedan, INFINITI QX30, INFINITI Q50, and INFINITI Q70. Adds NATS and Learn Key function for 2015-2017 INFINITI Q30. Adds support for VIN Analysis for more models. Adds 150 Hot Functions, such as Steering Wheel Angle Sensor, Cabin Filter Regeneration, Interval Of Oil Change (OCS) Oxidation, and Injector Adaptives. uHonda (V4.41) Fixes bugs that caused display errors in dynamic menu in BSI. Fixes bugs that caused errors when performing Customize function in MVCS. Optimizes Radar Calibration and Static Radar Calibration functions. Adds special functions for some systems such as SRS. European uLandRover (V5.20) Adds support for 2017 models. Optimizes special functions for models since 2010. Fiat (V6.60) Adds 250 special functions for models before 2010. MaxiSys pro & 908 & 906 European: Opel/Vauxhall (V7.00) Optimizes software structure. Adds diagnostic support for thirty 2017-2018 models, such as Astra, Zafira, Corsa-E, Antara, Adam, Cascade, Commbo-D, Insignia and Mokka, covering basic and special functions. Fixes bugs for some softwares. Benz (V12.00) Adds Read Codes, Clear Codes, Live Data, ECU Information, Active Test, Adaptation, On-line Program and On-line SCN for Chassis 205, 222, 204 and 212. Peugeot/Citroen (V6.10) Adds 10 Hot Functions. Optimizes Auto VIN function. Improves the speed of accessing Engine and BSI Data. Asia Baojun (V4.00) Version updates. Adds diagnostic support for Baojun 510 and 310. Fixes bugs for some special functions. Optimizes the text of some prompting messages. BAIC (V5.30) Updates functions for three 2016 models: EV150, EV160 and EV160. Adds support for 21 models: Weiwang 306, Weiwang M307 (M30 Economics), Weiwang 307 (2015 model), Weiwang 608EV, Weiwang 308EV, EV150 Economics, EV200, EV200 (2016 model), EX200, EX260, EU260, EU220, EU300, EU400, Saab EV (before 2014.9), Saab ES210 (since 2014.9), EC180, EC200, Polar Star E, EH300, and ARCFOX-1. America GM China (V9.00) (MaxiSysPro) Adds programming and coding functions for Cruze, lacrosse, Excellegt, and GL8.
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