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CAR FANS C800 Heavy Duty Software Update Guide

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Here comes the easy step-by-step guide on how to update CAR FANS C800 heavy duty diagnositc tool software. Note: CAR FANS C800 Heavy Duty Diagnostic Scan Tool Truck Scanner for Commercial Vehicle, Passenger vehicle, Machinery with Special Function Calibration Procedures: Step 1:Visit CAN FANS official website:http://www.znjskj.com. Click “Product Service” Select “Software Update” 21.1 Step 2:Enter your account and password 21.2 Step 3:Download software upgrade package. After download completing.Insert the SD card reader with SD card into computer.Then double click software upgrade package you download before 21.3 Click update Wait for 21.4 progress bar completing… 21.5 When the progress bar completing, the Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool will prompt the massage to enter the product serial number and password 21.6 Click the“update” button and check the updating status 21.7 If you find the updating failure,please click the “update” button again until it prompt the updating is successful. 21.8 21.9 How to update software,if above method don’t work. Open the “Tools” folder 21.10 Launch the “Upgrade Tool.exe” 21.11 Enter the product serial number and password to perform software updating 21.12 Focus On OBD Tool Since 2008 Wechat/WhatsApp:(+86)15815514521 Email:service@autonumen.com Website:www.autonumen.com
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