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The most impressive auto key programmer-CN900

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With the development of automotive industry, diagnostic tool is playing a more and more important role, especially the auto key programmer. Today, I would like to introduce CN900, which is one of the most impressive auto key programmers. CN900 Auto key Programmer supports directly copy 4C and 4D chips, and it is with the ability to copy such as Toyota 4d67. It can be updated online; two months later, it will be able to copy ID46 and Toyota G chip; CN chips can be copied many times; helps to recognize locked ID48 and can unlock ID48. This item is designed in a a lovely outlook in red color with the following powerful functions: 1.Read out the chip code for 11 12 13 33 T5 40 41 42 44 45 46 48 4C 4D 8C and 8E chips and New identify functions for Toyota “G ” chip key 2.It can identify Toyota smart key, and read out the data 3.It supports on copying the chips (11 12 13 33 T5 41 and 42) and parts of 44 and 45. Connecting with Chinese PC software, it can save the read key code data unlimited. Support on the chip programming: with the inner function of HITAGETI, it can write ID 46 Renault Crypto chips. Without removing the ECU (Benz W140), it can start the chip. It can unlock the 48 chips except the crypto lock 48 chips. Support on the pin code calculating for Hyundai and Kia (before 07 year), by using the Last 6 Codes of VIN Number. Support on starting the key and calculating the pin code for more than 60 kinds of cars. Support on programming all kind of Fiat key If the functions of CN900 auto key programmer can be fully utilized, it will bring great convenience to technicians. It is believed that these information mentioned above is helpful.More information you can refer to http://www.autonumen.com
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