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How to recover deleted photos from Android Phone

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You may wonder if photos have been deleted but not in trash folder, where are they. Though there is no a recycle bin nor a “Recently Deleted" album in iOS devices, it doesn't mean that your photos of precious moments are gone for good after inadvertent or mistaken deletions. Whether stored in internal memory or external memory (SD Card), deleted data continue to exist in storage until new contents are added in place of them. (That's why one has to stop using mobile device after data loss.) Before being overwritten, deleted files just get invisible by users and inaccessible by normal tool. To recover deleted photos, you have to perform 'Data Recovery' on your Android, which resorts to professional program or feasible workarounds. If you're in need of Android photo recovery, here is a step by step guide. Step1. Download and install FoneDog Android data recovery. Step2. Launch and connect Android Phone to Computer. Step3. Select File type to scan. Step4. Preview and recover deleted photos from Android. More information you can read: Photo Recovery App for Android
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