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Titanic movie question- what did Spicer Lovejoy do around Cal Hockley all the time?

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Spicer Lovejoy was Caledon's valet, assistant, and bodyguard. And as a result of his duties, he must have been around him to keep his job. Also, considering Caledon's wealth, he needed to be protected from criminals, especially those who dare to commit theft, burglary, or even murder to achieve the position that Caledon has. He was extremely observant, stealthy, and protective. He was tall, standing well over 6 feet, which made him a force to be reckoned with. In addition to this, he concealed a 1911 Colt Model pistol, plated in nickel, holstered in his suspenders. Spicer Lovejoy needed to keep Caledon safe from all possible dangers and also obey his orders when they occur.
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